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You know how some people are organized all the time and basically work like robots, while you are struggling to finish only two or three simple goals per day? This is where I have discovered ScribblePost.

Did you consider the fact that every information you get and every decision you make from the moment you get up takes a little bit of willpower, therefore making you more tiring with every information you try to keep in your head.

Once you free your mind from unnecessary information you can focus on the task at hand and once it is complete, you can move on to the next task. You see, just like a robot.

Now, if you are a young entrepreneur, a business owner or a college student, there is a good chance you can’t afford a personal assistant to follow you around, or you would just look weird in front of your college friends.

What Is ScribblePost All About

For example, you are working on a project, and you decide to go out for a break. While waiting for your coffee, you suddenly remember that yes, there is a tiny error in your work that if forgotten, can turn into a meeting disaster later that week.


Now what ScribblePost does is, it helps you make a note in one of your many note folders, and you can put a hashtag (yes just like on twitter), that you use for notes like that one.

So, you could put their default #important hashtag or you could use your own like #correctthis. If you keep using the same hashtag for the certain type of notes, you can then easily search all your notes that have that specific hashtag.

This is very useful since you can make your priorities clear all the time. This app also gives you an easy way to put a deadline on a certain task in your notes. If you click the little calendar icon while writing something it will open up a small calendar pop up for you to choose a date and there you go, your note now has a deadline on it.

All your notes can be shared with your team of people, which you can add from your contacts. You choose what to share and with whom.

It looks and feels fast and easy, and once you sync it to your desktop app, it looks even more organised on your computer. When you come home, open up the app on your computer, your notes from your phone will be waiting for you, and you can start resolving those tasks that need to be done.

Is ScribblePost Any Good Then?

The fact is that we have got used to hashtags on our everyday social media platforms, so organizing our life with them seems very natural and effective.

We have discovered that using a hashtag instead of a regular tags near our notes makes us pay more attention than using a regular text format.

This app is available on basically any operating system you use, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, etc.

You can go here and check it out. Tell us if you had the same experience.

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