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We all know what Note phone is, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has got it all. Big screen, fast processor, lots of RAM, dual camera and a stylus. This is Samsung’s biggest premium phone and you can fairly say that you have a solid computer inside your pocket.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - First look and review It has a bright screen with curvy edges that will make a video in full screen pop up in your eyes. It is consisted of metal and glass, and is waterproof even with stylus taken off.  

If you compare it to iPhone 7 s+ it is a bit larger and narrower. This does however make it hard to click that finger scanner that is right next to back camera.

Now, let’s take a look inside our tall buddy. It has a Snapdragon 835 processor, followed by 6GB RAM and storage that vary depending of an model 64, 128 or 256GB.

Note 8 also has a 3300 mAh battery to power all this through a full day of work on those demanding apps.

Now, we know many of our readers will ask, “But how is this anything different than Note 5?”, so let’s talk a little about that.

The Galaxy Note 8’s stylus has a finer point and a little bit more sensitivity and Samsung has also improved their note taking software.

Then, there is a new dual camera system that has two 12MP cameras with optical image stabilisation system, yeah, on both cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - First look and review

This means you can make those portrait photos with blurry images, but as far as we have seen, it doesn’t work that great in a low light situation, but with enough light, it can look very genuine. You can adjust the blur before or after taking pictures. 

Also, you can take at the same time telephoto and wide angle images. Guess you don’t need that DSLR after all right?

Samsung galaxy note 8 price is around $930, and was released in September of 2017.


You can check out the official website of this phone here.

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