Will robots take my job?

Back in 2015 the whole internet was talking about AI research and the controversial idea that robots will be taking human jobs, spread through the networks and forums faster than a click bait articles in the yellow stamp. Scientists around the world took two sides, one warning us the AI intelligence will kill our future, the other trying to calm us down while telling us that we were overreacting and that, indeed robots will not take our jobs.

Robots taking human jobs

Here we are, two years later, still trying to calm ourselves while at the same time we are stunned with everyday AI news. We hear how one ai robot can do what ten people couldn’t. And there are examples everyday, new discovery, news articles, hitting that bee hive, spreading through the internet again.

 Just lately, there was one story about two scientists in Shanghai, from the Jiao Tong University. Apparently, they have developed an algorithm, basically making AI computer that recognizes criminals from common citizens. They take a lot of photos of Chinese men and AI brain in that computer checks their faces for certain points and then finds criminals with stunning accuracy rate of 89,5%.

If this algorithm reaches a 100% accuracy rate, what are the criminals going to do? We can only expect that plastic surgery jobs will sky rocket.

Then, there is a company from China called “Cloud Walk”, and they are developing system for tracking people’s every step which basically takes into consideration things like your shopping list to see if you are up to something. Yeah, try explaining the police why you bought four cucumbers on a cold autumn morning at 09:00.

Robots taking over human jobs


But, your pot-smelling neighbor is not the only one who will dislike these news. Stepping aside from catching criminals part of the research, there are now ranchers that are gonna use AI controlled machines like Thorwald, AI robot that can do crops work, plant seeds in the ground, etc.

Robots taking human jobs

Also, there are construction companies that use AI tech to build houses, where one large robot can put up to a thousand bricks per day and cement it, while an average human can do around a five hundred bricks per day. Oh yes, and robots don’t take lunch breaks, or a salary.


As good as it sounds, it is also as bad as it sounds. Some predictions say that by 2035 about a quarter of global population will lose their jobs because of AI. Some of them will probably become business owners, or entrepreneurs, while most of them will be forced to change their careers which could then lead to over-saturation of work force in those other areas.


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