How to avoid getting mugged in NYC (or other major city)?

Do you know that feeling when you go somewhere for the first time like Paris, New York, London, Berlin, or similar, all happy and full of enthusiasm but then it hits you. You don’t know anybody here, don’t know where to go, and if you stay up late, what places to avoid unless you want to lose all your stuff and maybe even something more valuable.

Let’s face it, in any tourist place there are dangerous spots where a decent tourist is just another fly inside a spider’s web.

Safety app for your phone – RedZone Map review

RedZone Map review - Personal safety app

RedZone Map is the app that makes you safe during your holiday vacation.

As you open the app, and choose the certain location, if that location is supported by the app (and most of the big tourist destinations are) you will see the map with your location and surroundings.

If there are some incidents nearby, you can clearly see the map showing in red color telling you to avoid that fire, arms robbery, murder or even terrorist attack.

The local authorities provide updates on bigger incidents, so it is as legit as it gets. However, for those incidents of smaller intensity, updates are provided by app users themselves. But don’t worry if you are skeptic, you can always choose to filter only official reports.

After all, we know what are the risks of crowd-sourcing.

It can also be useful for your local area if you live in one of the supported destinations.



It is obvious that unless you are Luke Cage, there really isn’t a 100% way to stay safe in an dangerous place, but this at least gives you some advantage, and with all the bad things happening in Europe lately you can’t disagree that this little thing can save lives. It can turn your phone into a danger radar so you can focus more on getting those fridge magnets.

There are similar apps like this one like No-Go Zone Premium, but RedZone Map is free to download on both Google Play and iTunes.

If you still think this is not practical or wouldn’t help you in a real life situation, you can always try buying some old Nokia 3300 and trowing it at a robber. Hey, if it doesn’t fend him off, at least he will stop chasing you since he will think you are poor.

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