Today we are showing you a 7 easy iPhone Hidden Tricks And Tips that you didn’t know your phone can do but will drastically simplify your everyday life.

1. iPhone Hidden Tricks And Tips That Will Turn Your Camera Into a Magnifying Glass

To do this, you need to go into the settings and accessibility options and enable the Magnifier option. Once you are using your camera you can triple click the home button and that will activate the Magnifier while your camera is turned on.

iphone hidden tricks and tips

2. Introduce the Nicknames of your contacts to Siri

If you go to the contacts page and edit for example your mother’s contact, you will see that there is a nickname section to fill in. If you would enter mammy, and than once using Siri you would say “Call mammy.” the phone would dial your mother’s number.

3. Use your camera flash as a notification

Sometimes we forget that we had left our phone in silent mode and spend our entire day doing something without realizing that we have missed many calls during the day. This problem can be solved by again, going into the accessibility settings and turning on the LED Flash for Alerts setting. Once you receive your notification, your flash will turn on.

4. iPhone Hidden Tricks And Tips On How To Hide Your Photos

Once you open your camera album and click on a certain photo, if you would click the share button and choose an option Hide, that would make your photo invisible in the camera roll and other view options. However, the photo would still be visible in the albums section.

iphone hidden tricks and tips

5. Backspace alternative in the Calculator

If you mistype something while using the calculator, simple swiping to the left or right over the keys will act as a backspace so you don’t need to click C or AC buttons each time you make a mistake.

6. Measuring angles and surface levels

While using the Compass application, again swipe to the left and you will open up a spirit level tool, so that you can easily measure if something is leveled right or measure the angle of an surface.

7. Using keypad as a touch-pad

If you use the 3D Touch on your keypad while typing you can easily move the selector around the text without even touching your screen anywhere else. It is also a more precise way to select a certain part of the text.

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