How to choose a laptop 2018

When it comes to how to choose a laptop, it only takes twenty minutes on the internet to get a headache from all the options out there but don’t worry we have prepared a proper laptop buying guide for you!

By the time you finish reading all the articles you have already forgotten what kind of computer you thought you need. Be aware though, that this is a dangerous place, because if you lose your temper you could end up buying a little nightmare in that small box that arrives at your doorstep.

Admit it, you next question is probably:

Help me choose a laptop

How to choose a new laptop

If you can name three things you are going to do the most on your new computer, it can make  choosing a laptop computer a much easier task.

Notebook specifications need to be according to it’s purpose. 

Now, if you can name those three activities, figure out what is the most demanding one of them. That is your starting point.

Example. If most demanding of the activities you are going to do is photo editing, then you are going to need a laptop that can run Photoshop properly.


How to choose a new laptop for gaming


For example if you are gonna be playing games, you’re going to need a separate graphic card with it’s own dedicated memory (at least 2GB of video memory). It should have at least intel i3 dual core processor (or similar). Also, even if we are talking about a affordable gaming laptops, it needs to have at least 4GB or 6GB of RAM.

How to choose a new laptop with the right storage space?

Even though SSD drives are faster, they are quite expensive and they don’t contain much storage, That being said you will be better off with HDD of at least 500GB of storage because those games take a lot of space and when it comes to frame rate performance that SSD wouldn’t help you a lot anyway.

And since we are talking about gaming pc here, this bad boy is gonna need some help cooling down while you are playing that GTA V mission so don’t forget to buy some laptop cooling pad.

The negative sides of these laptop computers are that they heat and they drain battery more than others, so your battery needs to be at least a 4 cell battery.

How to choose a laptop computer for photo and video editing

How to choose a new laptop

What kind of laptop buying guide would this be if we wouldn’t mention how to choose a new laptop for photo and video editing!

Here you need to pay attention that no matter what your budget is, you need get the fastest processor you can for the money you are spending. That means again at least Intel i3 level processor but you could do something with a little slower ones like Intel Pentium processors, you will just have to wait a lot of time for that rendering.

Of course, keep in mind that we are talking about basic photo and video editing here, for 3D modeling and advanced editing, you need a hard core machine that can handle all that processing like i5, i7, Ryzen, etc.


You will need around 4GB RAM, just be sure that you can upgrade the RAM later in life, because some laptops can’t be upgraded.

As far as video cards go, it is good to have a dedicated graphic card when you are dealing with special effects and 3D models in your editing, but it is not necessary. You can finish that editing with integrated graphic card like Intel Graphics 520 or similar.

Here you should keep in mind that laptops with integrated graphics share the memory with CPU, 

so if you have 8GB of RAM, your integrated graphic card will use from 512MB to 1GB of those 8 gigs (depends of the settings).


When we talk about storage, you will need a lot of it, but you will also need an SSD drive because it will boost your performance and speed up whole editing process. Good solution would be that alongside laptop with SSD drive, you have an external HDD to keep your raw video and image files.

Positive sides of laptops with integrated graphic cards are that they don’t heat as much and their batteries last longer, since there is no separate graphic card chip to use that extra power.

The negative side is however, a slower performance if you want to play video games.


Choosing a laptop computer for web browsing

This is really the simplest choice when it comes to how to choose a new laptop because any of the Intel celerons dual core processors (or similar AMD) and higher will serve the purpose. As for memory, 4GB of RAM will be enough for now. Take all that with an SSD drive for storage and you are good to go. Video card is not that important unless you will be playing some 4K videos, in that case you will need a separate graphic card with dedicated memory and maybe 8GB of RAM. 

Of course any of the chromebook series is fine for web browsing. What we are talking here is watching videos online, going on social media, etc. These are also a very good laptops for social media marketing.

Anything else to pay attention for?

Yes. Once you have decided for what you are going to use your laptop, and you’ve calculated your budget, your choices should be narrowed down a lot, but still there are many models right? Choose the one that has better display (higher resolution, better view angles, colors, etc.).

For this, you will probably need to walk to the nearby PC store and take a look at that display to see if it suits you, and while you are there, be sure to check out the keyboard quality of the specific models you are interested in buying. After all, you will spend a lot of time resting your hands on that laptop, so be sure that you like the design. Also, if you are gonna we changing your locations a lot, a smaller laptop would be better for you, so take the size into account.



For web browsing

Laptop HP 250 G6 (2EV94ES)


For Image and Video editing

Lenovo IdeaPad 520-15IKB


For gaming

Lenovo Legion Y520-15IKBN

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