Since Apple doesn’t always give you all the options you need, it is often the case that users tend to search for google mobile apps for iPhone devices they own. We wanted to make a list of Google apps that you should use on daily basis in order to fully use your iPhone’s potential.

Google mobile apps for iPhone

First of all, you can’t install google play store for iPhone. But, the good news is that Google apps are fully available on iOS app store for download, and most of them are free.

When you think about your iPhone native apps they can get really messy if you use gmail account. Right?

So here we are going to talk about apps related to using email, cloud, office services, etc.

Google play apps on iPhone


  • The G-Mail app will let you log in with your google account and sync your google mail with your phone app. G-Mail app is really easy to use and your emails will be organized in the same categories as they are on your desktop computer. The design is very minimalist so it is easy to use. Once you receive an email, the app will send you push notification on your iPhone’s notification tab.
  • By swiping left with your finger on a specific mail in your inbox you will delete it with no confirmation required. The app’s icon on your home screen will have a red dot with number of new emails that have arrived.

Google Drive

  • If you are using Apple’s iCloud service to store your photos, notes and other stuff, but you are mostly using other services from Google, it will be really hard for you to backup your work or share content since they are not on the same platform.
  • This is why you should install Google Drive app. It will automatically log you in to your existing Google account where you will get 10GB of free storage space to store all your photos, videos, notes, etc.
  • The best thing about Google Drive is that you can use it with other Google products like Google Docs. So if you have a Google Docs file on your Google drive and you change it’s content, it will automatically update and backup on your Google Drive as you write it.

google mobile apps for iphone


Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides

These three apps are one of the best Google play apps on iPhone you can have. They are free and of course connected to Google Drive for backup.

  • Google Docs is an app that you use to write any content that includes text and images, but you can also add external links and videos in your content. It basically has the same functions as Microsoft Office Word. There are many additional options that you can use like dictation, spell check, dictionary, etc. After you finish writing your text, you can then export it to your computer or directly to Google Drive, and you can also share it with anyone simply by adding their email address. This is great for team projects. Your work can be exported in basic word document format or in pdf and even epub format for mobile devices.

Google play apps on iPhone


  • Google Sheets has the same function as Microsoft Office Excel. You can create tables, lists, etc. All the functions are there and you can format it however you like. Also there are a lot of templates that you can use so you don’t need to spend your time creating it from scratch. This is great when you need to write your budget plans for example.
  • Google Slides is another app that is similar as Microsoft Office’s Powerpoint. Basically you can use slides to put images, text, sounds, videos and other stuff to create great presentations.
  • Another app that is very useful is Google Forms app. You can use it to create forms for your users to fill in. This app is great for market research and when you want to find out something about people you work with. Just create a questionnaire and send it to email addresses.

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