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No standard 3.5 mm headphone jack on your new phone?

 Yeah, this may be the story of every single smartphone in the near future. With introduction of iPhone 7 on the market, Apple surprised everyone by removing the headphone jack from their flagship iPhone 7.

Well, what was the reason really?

Apple ditched the headphone jack because they said it took space and hardware. And it seems logical that with improvements in technology the big 3.5 mm connector will be left out, but nobody expected it will be so soon.

With the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack what are the options?


Future of 3.5mm Headphone Jacks

Well, there are options like Bluetooth, USB cable and the newly introduced USB C type.

But currently every other hardware has its own limitations like the CPU compatibility for C type and quality issues for the Bluetooth to name only few.

And with wireless there has been a lot of audio quality issues. With improvement of the Bluetooth technology in the last 10 years almost all devices started to ship out with integrated Bluetooth.

Today we have Bluetooth version 5 with capability of sharing files with speed of 50 MB/s and with a coverage capacity of 100 meters.

But this Bluetooth 5 and it’s next major versions are yet to reach the top of the market, so by next couple of years we should see all the smartphones adopting newer improved Bluetooth technology and this may solve the quality issues which iPhone users and Google Pixel phone users are currently having.

If wired headphones are to stay in the market, then USB C type and USB compatible headphones should be made available. Here we see a potential threat to the regular 3.5mm jack port in the smartphones and as said by Apple it takes space and hardware in the phone which seems logical.

Apple ditched the headphone jack just a year ago and it was no surprise that Google also brought their flagship Google Pixel 2 without the standard 3.5mm headphone jack saying ‘This is the future and the change has started’.

Huawei has also confirmed that they will not be putting the standard 3.5mm jack on their phones in the future. However, LG and Samsung with their latest devices LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are yet to adopt this new trend and we should not be surprised if they loose the 3.5mm port in their upcoming models.

It seems logical to say that we could see new smartphones in years to come, without the headphone jacks considering that technological advancements and the potential options of the current widely used 3.5mm audio ports are slowly diminishing.

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– Written by Achal. Author of tencnews.com


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