We use Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store every day. And before we install any app we usually check it’s reviews to see is it really worth spending the money.

funny app store reviews

Some people use this review section in a way that will make you laugh and think are they joking or what?

We have compiled this list of funny app store reviews that we found online.

Top 5 Funny App Store Reviews


I payed three dollars for this

As the title says I payed three dollars for this and it crashed every time I tried to play it. Give back my money now! I just downloaded this game and can’t play because of the crashes. My Three dollars was wasted on a crashy game. Waaa! Please please please give me my money back. Not fair! I will change my review if I get my money back. Just in case it wasn’t clear that money belongs to me so give it back. This isn’t the dumbest thing I bought on my iPad but still! I bought this and it would be fun if it didn’t crash so much. I enjoy reviewing games. Just give back my money so that I can not feel bad about buying this game. Please, this isn’t even my own money that I spent so I really need it back! I was going to spend that money on comics. Please!!! Hee ha. I fixed that but I still won’t change my review. Great game by the way. Hope the beginning of this review doesn’t bother you guys. Just want my money back but that no longer matters. Still not a five star game/app.

Needs something more but not my problem I guess.


This mediocre RPG is unrealistic. There is no way anyone could have a laser sword. The laws of physics forbid such an atrocity. Also the pacing is all wrong. You can’t pause battles in real life and decide what you’re gonna do next. It’s obvious the developers are lacking in the ability to understand how real life works.

Doesn’t deserve a STAR!

I take taekwondo classes and this is the worst game of taekwondo! This game uses a stupid stamina mechanic and a spinning back hook kick uses 1/3 of your stamina and in real life I could do this without wasting my energy. Scooting back is the main way to defend a kick but in here it’s a STUPID X block and they could still score a point and when you try to scoot back it looks really dumb (like this game). Also I expected more simple kicks like roundhouse, back and front kicks. Also taekwondo kicks only range from 1-3 points.

Score 💩 / 100

Tofu hunter saved me

Before tofu hunter my life was in a rut and I had no idea what to do with my life, I was stuck with my daily task of consuming tons and tons of tofu to no end. Then tofu hunter came and consumed my life, thank you tofu hunter you are my lord.


Kinda weak there should be a choking sound or something more dramatic. Also doesn’t come with any options. Start it up, baby cries timer stops. Death monitor goes on nothing more.


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