A third-person survival horror game

Three years after the events at Beacon Mental Hospital, Sebastian Castellanos has left the Krimson City Police Department and continues to be haunted by his experiences at Beacon, the disappearance of his wife Myra, and the death of his daughter Lily in a house fire.

Evil Within 2 Review

Sebastian is then approached by former partner and Mobius agent Juli Kidman, who reveals to him that Lily is still alive since Mobius faked her death. However, Mobius now needs Sebastian’s help in saving her.

Sebastian is brought to a secret Mobius facility where he meets the Administrator, who further explains that Lily is being used as the Core for a new STEM system to simulate an idyllic town called Union. However, some time ago, Mobius lost contact with Lily and their agents inside Union, and they no longer have any control over the STEM.

Sebastian reluctantly agrees to help Mobius so that he has a chance to save Lily and enters the STEM.

Evil Within 2 gameplay review

The scenario of this game is so good, it will keep your hands sweating trying to survive that chainsaw attack just to be rewarded with another piece of the story that is followed by some puzzle which will make you scratch your head.

Although most of the story is dark and serious, there are moments with a little dose of humor that come just in time to break the pattern of the horror game atmosphere.

The exploring part of the gameplay is satisfying and gives you an opportunity to look upon the Sebastian’s previous adventure.

Resource management plays a big role here since it is a survival game. This also involves using a terrain and dark corners to your advantage. There are several large maps with multiple points of interest, which means that sometimes you will have to go back to the previous locations and that can slow down your gameplay progress.

Number of enemies is smaller than in previous game, but they can handle Sebastian in one on one situations.

Graphics of Evil Within 2

Textures are great but facial expressions of the characters in the cut scenes could be a little more realistic.

A lot of slow motion scenes throughout the gameplay are really detail oriented and will make you stay in that part of the game for a couple of minutes just to absorb every detail.

Dirt on the walls and triggering lights go hand in hand with monsters that are also done properly so it makes you feel unsafe right until the moment they jump out of the mirror followed by the realistic sound of shatter and laugh.

Is it worth your money then?

It definitely is, considering some minor technical parts of the game that can make you bored, it is a pretty decent game with a great story and a pretty good gameplay.

All in all I give it a 8/10 grade.

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