Dummy Macbook Air review

This dummy Macbook Air is made of aluminum and runs on C16i Celeron processor. It has 2GB of RAM that is upgradable and a 32GB SSD drive.

Speakers are on the back side of the laptop. It comes with cheap power adapter.

You get HDMI port, USB (not 3.0), and charging port that is a lot bigger than on the original.

On the other side of this Chinese laptop there are the same ports as with the original with addition of one SD port, which actually is quite handy. It has 0.3mp webcam.

Dummy Macbook Air

Aluminum case is not bending when you type on it. And when you open it up there is a Macbook Air logo, so if someone would sell you this in an original box, you could easily be fooled. You come home, open it up and when you see Windows OS booting up you realize that you bought fake macbook air.

The battery is 4000 mAh, so It will give you around 2 hours of work. It comes with Windows 8.

The cost of this kind of this kind of dummy Macbook Air is around $150.

Considering all this, there is no mistake in double checking that seller’s profile on eBay or whoever you are buying a computer from. In our experience when people try to buy used laptops while trying to save money, they usually end up spending a lot more money then they tried to avoid. So take your time and go up and down the Internet before you do something you will regret.

Dummy Macbook Air Specifications:

Dummy Macbook Air

  • -CPU: Intel Celeron 1037U Quad Core
  • -Graphics Card: Intel HD -Ram: 2GB/ Upgradable
  • -Rom: 32GB SSD/ Upgradable
  • -Display: 13.3″ LCD FHD 1920×1080
  • -Body Material: Aluminum
  • -Bluetooth: 4.0 -OS: Windows Ultimate/ Upgradeable to Windows 10
  • -Battery: True 4000mah
  • -USB Ports x2
  • -HDMI Port: Yes
  • -Camera: 0.03MP
  • -Built in Mic: Yes



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