DSLR Camera for Hunting

If you are looking for a DSLR camera for hunting or similar wildlife types of photography, or you just need a device to capture the videos in these kind of surroundings, there are certain characteristics that you need to look for.

First thing you need to look for when searching for DSLR Cameras for Hunting is how quickly your camera can shoot? This is very important since you are going to be capturing moving objects most of the time. What that means is, you need to look for a camera with high frame rate per second.

Second thing you need to look for are auto-focus points of the camera. The more auto-focus points your camera has, and the wider they are spread across viewpoint, the more chances you have to actually capture that moving object.

And finally, the third thing to look for is how is your dslr camera for hunting performing in a low light situations. Some of the best scenes in the nature are usually around dusk or dawn and these times of the day are followed by low light situations. You need a camera that can perform good in these situations or everything else doesn’t matter.

 dslr camera for hunting
Important thing that you need to remember is that lens of the camera is as much important as the camera body that you use. With that in mind, you need to pay attention on focal length, aperture, minimum focus distance and also how heavy the lens is.

Given that all of this can be a little bit complicated, we have decided to give you some examples within the different price ranges, so that you can use these to compare to what you are looking for.

Nikon D3400 + 55-300mm VR lens (under $1000 budget)

This is the best action DSLR camera for hunting and fishing scenes for a budget of less than $1000. It is small and easy to carry around. This is very important because if you need to pull your camera fast to capture some scene it is a good idea to have something small and easy to draw.

 dslr camera for hunting

You get 5 frames per second and 24 megapixels camera. That is a good deal since maybe you will need to crop your photos later when you edit them. Battery is amazing since it can handle around 1200 shots before you need to recharge it. You can also use Bluetooth to connect this camera to your phone and share the pictures right away.

Canon 7D Mark II + EF 100-400mm lens (under $3500 budget)

This DSLR camera for hunting is one of the most popular cameras for wildlife photography. It has 10 frames per second and 65 auto-focus points.

 dslr camera for hunting

Taking into consideration what you can do with this camera, it is very compact and not to heavy to carry around.  All the things you get for this size makes this camera’s price very reasonable.

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II + Sigma 300-800mm lens (under $15000 budget)

And finally, the big guns!

This camera with combination of telephoto lens gives you one of the best tracking and auto-focus on the market.

It uses c force card which enables it to shoot at 14 to 16 frames per second. Whatever low light condition you are in, this combination will handle it.

This all comes with a price of course. Only the body costs around $6000 and the lens is even more expensive with the price of around $8000.
 dslr camera for hunting
It is large combination to use, and it will make you slow to move around but the quality of photos is top level for low light situations.

We hope that this will be a good reference for you when you search for DSLR Cameras for Hunting and wildlife photography.

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