Have you ever been a victim of hacking attacks? Did you ask yourself – My computer is slow, what have I done wrong? Here are some common mistakes people do with computers.

1. Computer Is Slow? Should you backup your home computer?

Doing a backup of your files and documents isn’t just for security reasons and an act of general common sense but also a way for your computer to store information in a more practical way.

If you don’t like doing frequent backups, then we recommend you use many of the free cloud based services like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc. These services will autosave everything you do, and will store it on a trustworthy servers while your computer stays clean with a lot of free space.

2. Antivirus Software For PC

The way antivirus software works is it guards your computer from different types of malicious software. Some of these viruses can get into your operating system and exploit your computer memory and CPU power without you even noticing anything except that your computer is slow.

computer is slow

3. How Often Should I Update Operating System On PC

Among other things, Windows, Linux and Mac OS have one thing in common. And that is updates, regular updates, all the time. This again, is not only for the security reasons, but also because all the devices are connected to the Internet nowadays and Internet is constantly evolving and becoming more complex.

This means that your operating system needs to be ready to handle all the newest online standards or it will start lagging and becoming unstable.

4. Remove Junk Software From New Laptop

You should know that when you install something from the shady sources or unverified sites, there is a good chance you will install some additional pieces of software that aren’t necessary viruses or malware but can easily slow down your system.

Also, if you aren’t using some programs and apps for more then six months in a row, you are free to uninstall it from your system because it will just sit there and use your storage space or worse, your system memory.

5. Dust In Computer How Does It Affect It

If you are dealing with the situation where your computer is slow or too loud all of a sudden, or it restarts for no reason or god forbid, it heats so much you can cook an egg on top of it, you probably need to get a vacuum cleaner and some screwdrivers.

Dust In Computer How Does It Affect It

Once you open your computer you will most surely notice all the dust around your CPU fan and other pieces of hardware. Use your vacuum cleaner to gently clean up the dust above the components, just be careful not to touch anything.


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