If mentioning words “Windows 95” makes your stomach hurt then this is the text for you. Before we go any further lets just say that everybody has different taste and what one person considers absolute beauty, other could consider “Windows 95”. Let’s see our top 4 best looking OS list then:

1. Mac OS – High Sierra

The minimalistic design, gorgeous wallpapers and eyes friendly icons just come to life when you are in the world of Mac.

best looking os

There is something about subtle combination of windows’ curves and white color alongside control buttons that stand on the “wrong” side of the window. It all screams “think differently” from start to the end. The circle is complete when you see the taskbar that has that vintage feeling, standing on the opposite side of modern looking dock. All that makes High Sierra number one on our best looking os list.

2. Elementary OS best of all linux distros

Out of all linux distributions, this Linux distro is as close as you can get to Mac OS without having to buy an Apple machine. It has the same feel as Mac OS.

best looking os

There is also a dock and animations that are flawless and without any lagging. It uses GNOME icons, but you can easily style it with themes. Wallpapers that come with it are all in high definitions, they are text friendly and very beautiful. The whole system looks like you are reading some minimalist blog about travel, and considering it is a free open source OS, it sure deserves second place. It is also one of the best looking linux distros that you can install on your laptop.

3. Windows 10 

This is the latest operating system for pc 2016 from Windows series. We are joking on behalf of Windows 95 because it looks old, robust, full of square windows and buttons but Windows 10 is the proof that this style can work even twenty years later.

best looking os

They have put a huge color choice, the very easy way to stack your windows and all that accompanied with beautiful animations.And to customize the start menu is a real delight.

Reason this OS is on the third place is because all the bloatware that comes with it, ruins the experience. And since we talk about user experience now, you get five wallpapers. Five! And the even aren’t that good. Did Microsoft ran out of money for a decent images? You don’t get a dock, but you have a pretty large taskbar, if you like that kind of stuff.

4. Linux Mint best of all linux distros 2016 

The mint look of this Linux distro is really fresh look on a sorrow eyes. This is the system you go for when you get sick of Windows’ bloatware and Mac’s simplicity.

best looking os

Even though it is a combination of both of these systems in a way, the developers managed to make it look new and you really have that feeling that everything is new in it, even if it isn’t. It’s like taking the best parts from both Windows and Mac. Wallpapers add to that fresh feeling, so you can almost smell the mint after a fresh install. It certainly proves to worthy of its name. 

These aren’t best looking OS but we thought they deserve to be honorable mentions:



best looking os

Windows 7

best looking os

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