Do you ever wonder what kind of technology will we have in our smartphones ten years from now? I thought about what would a best futuristic phone have of the technology in five or ten years from now. Here is the result.

Best Futuristic Phone Design

With the latest trends, we considered having a border-less screen a very obvious choice. However, the implementation of speakers into a display would also be a pretty good idea since it would give it a very clean look. I really like some design concepts that I saw on Engadget.

Best Futuristic Phone - Review -

Scrolling could be done with your thumb pulling on the side of the phone like using slider on desktop computers. This function could also be used for unlocking the phone and adjusting volume. There would be no room for homepage and a display height would be 5 inch, like on iPhone 5. On the back of our futuristic phone, we would like to have a logo that could also be used as flashlight.

Best Futuristic Phone Camera With Night Vision

Lets not spend our time talking about megapixels here, since today’s phones have a decent quality and resolutions are really stunning, especially with dual cameras and all the features that come with that technology. Of course, it would be great that all that tech from dual cameras would be incorporated in one so it doesn’t take much space on the back of our phone.

One feature that would be stunning is a night vision mode, that you could turn on your high end camera phone. Imagine this, you are sneaking in your house late at night and don’t want to turn on the lights or fire up your flashlight. You would just turn on that night vision mode and see in the dark. Isn’t that just the best futuristic phone you’ve ever heard of?

Best Futuristic Phone - Review

The front camera would need to be implemented into the display just as the speakers. Also, a great security option would be that if someone tries to unlock your phone and after two failures, your front camera would turn on, take a picture of the person trying to unlock it, and send it automatically to your email with GPS coordinates on where the picture was taken.

The additional security would be that you could then decide to alert the police with one click from your email inbox.

Phone Battery Life In the Future

This one is the biggest problem nowadays. If someone could create a battery that is small enough for a 5 inch phone, and that can handle all that power usage for at least five days, that would be a real breakthrough in the next 10 years.

Best Futuristic Phone Battery

Can you imagine that? Using your phone the whole day and not recharging it for five days. Also, some kind of wireless charging would be considered a real progress in this field. If you could walk around and you battery could be charged spontaneously while you are waiting for that red light or at the bus stop. If we would still use cables for charging, they would need to be magnetic for easy attachments like on some Apple’s computers.

Futuristic Phone Features – Sound

Best Futuristic Phone Speaker

A stereo speakers would be a must here. We are, after all talking about a phone ten years from now, and even today’s phones have that. Those speakers would however, need to be hidden in plain sight, but also in a way that wouldn’t impact the sound quality. All the ear buds should be wireless by then, and there would be no need for a headphone jack.

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