It is hard to find the best free radio online service these days. Those who pay their subscriptions usually get an overall good quality of music. But what about free alternatives?

I have stumbled upon this website couple of days ago and it’s called Radiooooo.

What Makes Radiooooo The Best Free Radio Online

Well, for starts, this particular streaming service has a large community behind itself. Users get to add fresh songs as soon as they discover them. The entire concept of this website is sorted out and presented with the world map and a decade list. Users just need to click on the specific country on a map and choose the decade from which they want to listen songs to.

best free radio online

The quality of music is on a very decent level since the whole thing is free to use. Of course, as you choose decades like 1920 and 1910, the audio gets worse.

Not The Best Free Radio Online Mobile App Though

The Radiooooo app for Android works, but it is not perfect. Sometimes it happens that the songs won’t play, so you have to reset your settings. The world map is implement fine, so there are no glitches. Of course, I have tested only on my phone, so maybe it works well on other models.

best free radio online android

None Of The Best Radio Streaming Sites Have This Kind Of Interface

If you are tired of regular looking streaming services, this kind of user interface will freshen up your eyes for sure. You can play around with the map itself and have some fun discovering some virtual places like 8-bit Island and similar ones.

All in all, this is what makes Radiooooo the best free radio online service out there:

  • Free.
  • Looks nice.
  • Available on mobile.
  • You can be a part of community.

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