Basic photography equipment

So you decided that you want to try yourself in the photography world. If you jump on different tutorials right away you will see how much equipment there is in the world. Basic photography equipment is however much less expensive and complicated.

Basic photography equipment

Cameras, bodies, lenses, flashes, tripods, batteries, Bluetooth and GPS gadgets. Things can really get complicated and expensive pretty easily, right?

We are here to calm you down and tell you that you need to take one step at a time. It is not that complicated once you understand that for starts you do not need all that stuff.

Photography essentials for beginners

We will start with photography starter camera.

Well obviously, you will need a DSLR camera. Since you are just starting and need to practice, a lot, it is probably a good idea to get some old and used camera that is also cheap.

This way you will be more free while handling the camera since you didn’t spend too much money on it and also it won’t have all those complicated options.

So go on and search Amazon and eBay for used DSLR within the price range $100 – $300.

Recommended camera gear for beginners

Basic photography equipment also means you are going to need a lens for your camera body. If you have bought DSLR chances are that it came with some kit lens of 18-55 mm. If it didn’t you should buy one, they are considerably cheap. Probably the best lenses for beginners are those with wide range of 18-70 mm because you can practice different focal lengths and get to know how camera lenses work.

Basic photography equipment

After that you can buy separate telephoto lens with over 200 mm range and start working with that. You can buy used lenses while you are practicing just be sure to check for scratches and auto-focus motor inside them before purchase.

Flash photography equipment for beginners

Most of the DSLR cameras have their own built in flash that pops out. And this is good when you are just starting out and learning the basics.

However, you will need a separate flash to attach on your DSLR if you want to get better quality photos and learn the basics of flash photography. Keep in mind that flash is also good to use in portrait photography.

DSLR accessories for beginners

You are going to need a proper camera bag for your camera and it’s accessories.

Even though we are talking about basic photography equipment, the regular bag won’t do, you need to buy a DSLR bag because it has additional protection from impacts. You will also need backup battery and some memory card that is not slow or small in storage size.

Basic photography equipment

Next thing you should get is tripod for your camera. You should try it out on your camera before you buy it since some of those cheap models tend to be weak and your camera can be pretty heavy when you attach a lens and flash on it.

Photography equipment for beginners studio

If you by any chance are trying to get into studio photography, you are definitely going to need some lightning equipment like umbrellas and different types of lights.

Some different background canvas is probably a good idea. Also, you will need additional flashes with their own stands and wireless triggers. For this you will probably need camera with Bluetooth function built in so that you can trigger these flashes automatically.

And that’s pretty much it for start. As you get better you will see how much lenses are more important than camera bodies, and you will also see how much expensive these camera gears can be.

But taking those magnificent photos is worth every penny.

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