Every company has that specific stereotype, that way of how they are conducting their business. 

For example, Google is approachable to anyone but won’t keep their nose out of your personal life, while Apple is expensive and sometimes not very logical with their decisions and can be from time to time very pushy towards its users.

Here at pixelreads.com we thought it would be a good way to fill in a slow weekend by figuring out how would it look like if there was some alternate universe, and in that universe Apple bought YouTube, and gave it some of Apple’s personal touch.

How would we call YouTube?

First thing that came to our mind is that Apple would change YouTube’s name, so that it would be more suitable with their target group of people. So, instead calling it YouTube they would probably choose iTube


Interface would definitely look better since Apple has proven that they can handle the design. Those ugly Google squares menus would be gone in a matter of seconds.

However, although Apple would make it look nice and neat, we are not really sure they would make it simpler to understand.

Channel subscriptions

If Apple owned YouTube - Hypothetical story

Oh man, this one would be a blast!

You just know Apple would make you pay in order to watch videos, and considering how their sales department is down to earth, monthly subscription would cost at least $300.

Can you imagine that? Paying $300 in order to watch videos on You.. pardon, iTube?


Uploading videos

That would’ve been a real pain, trying to figure out how to add video on iTunes and then upload it on your channel. “But it’s really simple”, they would tell us, yet again it wouldn’t be.


Support team

Considering how YouTube treats it’s content creators, the bar is set so very low that Apple would have no problem being on a positive side of this hypothetical synergy in terms of providing a decent technical support.

All in all, it is funny to think how it would turn out. Tell us in comments down bellow, what do you think would come out, that we have missed to mention?

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